Web Performance in 2023

Por:Tamas Piros - Director of Developer Advocacy @ Cloudinary

Fecha: sábado 4, 11:00 - 13:00

* Los horarios están sujetos a cambio

In the past couple of years web performance has seen a lot of focus. As web developers we are constantly facing new challenges, new requirements and new frameworks that promise us great changes. As part of the workshop we will take a look at how some frontend frameworks help us to achieve better performance of our website. We will also take a look at these two mysterious numbers: "99.9" and "40-10-40-10". Curious about the meaning behind them? During this workshop we will uncover how these numbers are relevant to any web developer who wishes to create a site that performs well. We will focus on the vast number of tools and services available within the web developer ecosystem that allow developers to create and maintain sites that also score well using Google's Core Web Vital metrics.

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